Article: Budnik et al, 2017

Peer reviewed article: Budnik, B., Levy, E., Harmange, G., and Slavov N. SCoPE-MS: mass spectrometry of single mammalian cells quantifies proteome heterogeneity during cell differentiation. Genome Biol 19, 161 (2018). 10.1186/s13059-018-1547-5

Single-cell proteomics method: SCoPE-MS

Sample preparation method: Covaris cell lysis

Model systems: Mouse embryonic stem cells differentiating into embryoid bodies. Cell lines of monocytes (U937), T-cells (Jurkat cells).


RAW and Processed SCoPE-MS Data


SCoPE-MS RAW data and search results from MaxQuant

The repositories below contain RAW mass-spectrometry data files generated by an Orbitrap Elite instrument as well as the search results from analyzing the RAW files by MaxQuant.